TN Rebate Realty Inc.

About the Program

Our knowledgeable Real Estate team consists of dedicated buyer Realtors® who are passionate about working with clients to find the perfect home, for the lowest possible price. Best of all, clients will receive a CASH rebate equivalent to 30% of the purchasing brokerage’s commission.

You may be wondering how we are able to offer such an amazing rebate. Well, because our skilled Realtors® work with clients of True North Mortgage, our Real Estate agents have none of the industry standard sales and marketing expenses borne by other Realtors®. A typical Realtor® spends up to half their income on bus bench advertising, billboard signs and other promotional material just to capture new clients. Instead, we give that half back to you.

So rest assured you will receive the same amazing level of service that True North Mortgage has become synonymous with and you will also walk away with a good chunk of change to put to use in your new home, or however you chose to spend it.

Why it works

No Advertising Costs

Realtors® typically spend 50% of their income on advertising themselves in order to attract new business.

TN Rebate Realty works with clients of True North Mortgage only thus saving a bunch of money on adverting. We pass these savings on to you!

Full Service Brokerage

We don't just stick you on an MLS email search like many other busy Realtors®. We help you find the right home, negotiate a great price and give you a really low mortgage rate to boot.

We are with you every step of the way. You'll receive full range of services and a big rebate!

Salaried Realtors®

Have you ever dealt with someone whose pay-check comes strictly from commission? Those sales people are PUSHY!

When you work with one of our partially salaried Realtors®, you can have the peace of mind that you won't be pressured to make a decision that's not right for you.